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BCHS One Act Play advances to Region contest

photo of Ben and Alexandra

Ben and Alexandra rehearse a scene. Photo by CARES volunteer Larry Bose.


BCHS OAP advances to Region


The Bay City High School Dungeoneers’ One Act Play “6, 12, 16, 49” competed at Region after competing at Area contest April 6th in Mont Belvieu at Barbers Hill High School. This is the fifth consecutive year BCHS has gone this deep in OAP competition. Region was April 16th in Humble at Atascocita High School.

BCHS brought home many of the top awards from the Region contest, but did not advance.

Best Actress Alexandra C

All Star Cast Ben T

Best Overall Technician Madison M

Best Technical Crew BCHS

Best Individual Crew Member Leann B


Honors the BCHS cast and crew received at Area include: Ben T, All Star Cast; Alexandra C and Holland C, Honorable Mention All Star Cast; Madison M, Best Technician.  

BCHS’s play, “6,12,16,49…” was written by BCHS Theatre Director Magda Mirelez. 

The play follows a young woman's recovery from her Counting Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Through flashbacks, she is able to confront the events leading up to unimaginable tragedy and her subsequent recovery. However, the play is about humanity’s brokenness. It allows the audience to confront what they think are  shortcomings and pleads for the audience to count them as blessings. It also poses some larger questions about love, family, acceptance and violence. 

“Two years ago, I was deeply moved by the events at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. I woke up that Sunday morning and the news about the mass shooting had a profound affect on me. As the investigation focused on terrorism, I focused on the 49 faces and what we lost as a people,” said Mirelez. 

“So I wanted to write a play about people. Specifically a play that emphasized these were people -- not numbers. Ironically, I ended up writing a play about a woman who can't stop counting. Ultimately, the story is simple. Treat others with love and kindness; and not just love. Unconditional love. Love can be a powerful alternative to violence.” 

“6, 12, 16, 49” is not the only piece written by Mirelez being performed this OAP season. Her original play “Tracks y Huellas,” which the BCHS Dungeoneers debuted and took to the State finals two years ago, was staged this season by two other Texas high school theatre departments. La Feria High School’s version has also advanced to the Region 4 contest. BCHS competes in Region 3  

Those schools who performed at Region were:

Waco/Connally – “Unclaimed” at 4pm
La Marque –“To Be Young, Gifted, and Black” at 4:50pm
Little Cypress Mauriceville – “The History of Tom Jones” at 5:40pm
Waxahachie – “Still Life with Iris” at 6:30pm
Lorena – “Sweet Nothing in my Ear” at 7:20pm
Bay City – “6, 12, 16, 49” at 8:10pm

The top two will advance to the State final.

BCHS Head Director is Magda Mirelez. Assistants are Todd Oncken, Jonathan Lunsford and Michael Mirelez.

photo of OAP cast and crew