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Honored employees for March & April

photo of Linda Popek and other staff

Pictured center is Linda Popek, along with staff from l-r: Sandra Wacker, LaWanda Hines, Popek, Kayla Cobb and Linda Estrada


photo of Betty Reyolds with yearbook staff

Betty Reynolds is pictured center with her BCJH yearbook staff.


Bay City ISD congratulates the March and April recipients of the “You’ve got heart” honor – March, Betty Reynolds of Bay City Junior High, and April, Linda Popek of the Administrative Curriculum Department.


Reynolds was nominated by Tommy Reynolds, who wrote:

“Mrs. Reynolds is in charge of the yearbook every year for BCJH. This year she has gone above her calling to make a yearbook for the ‘Last Cats To Prowl the Halls’ of the historic building we will say goodbye to it this year. She has numerous tributes to the building and pages dedicated to the before and after photos of teachers who graduated from Bay City High and are now staff at BCJH. So not only did they attend this building, they now work here to serve our students.”


Popek was nominated by Lisa Moya:

“I want to nominate Linda Popek for You've Got Heart honor. Linda, as the District Testing Assistant, provided support and guidance to all campuses this year as they administered Reading, Holistic Writing, Listening and Speaking in the online TELPAS assessments for over 500 students. She graciously took this project on in addition to all of her regular duties as well. She took on this huge project and assisted campus administrators and test coordinators with all aspects of the Test Nav system. Often, when Pearson needed to be contacted, Linda did the legwork to get the answer for the campuses, so that campus administrators/test coordinators didn't need to spend their time waiting on hold with Pearson to solve the issues. Linda never hesitates to take on a new or additional project that will help support the campuses, even if it means she is learning a new program or adding to her current duties.”

Also, Merideth Dodd added: “Thank you, Linda, for being so patient every single time I called for support!!!”   


Other nominees:

Nominee: Kellie Maxwell, IT

Nominated by: Kaleigh Estlinbaum, Cherry

“On behalf of Cherry Elementary, we are so thankful and appreciative to have Ms. Maxwell as one of our technology SUPERHEROES! Kellie goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always willing to help out whenever and however she can. When she comes to support us with technology issues or challenges, she comes with a positive attitude. Kellie is very clear when she is communicating with us, she speaks calmly when a teacher is struggling with something, and stays until the entire job is done. What she brings to our BCISD family is invaluable. She is very passionate for what she does and takes ownership of her job duties. Kellie Maxwell makes a difference for our school district. We cannot thank Kellie enough for her support and guidance. You are a technology ROCKSTAR Kellie Maxwell. Thank you for everything! Love, Cherry Elementary.”





Nominee: Jesus, BCHS custodian

Nominated by: Janie Tijerina Galvan

“I am nominating Jesus, because when we have a situation with one of our students,  for example throwing up, Jesus is right there to help us to clean up. Also, if we have a big mess in our restroom in the classroom, Jesus is right there to help us. Thank you Jesus.”


Nominee: Deborah Perez, Instructional Aide

Nominated by: Jerri Freshour, BCJH DAEP

“Mrs. Perez is a remarkable lady. She has a tough position as an assistant teacher in DAEP; however, she never falters and she never lets the job get to her. She is always smiling even though this past month has been very rough as she was in a car wreck which resulted in mild whiplash and she lost her uncle to illness. Through all of that she continues to go out of her way to help everyone and is always smiling. She is always positive and is a wonderful influence for the students in DAEP. She works very hard and the students and adults that work with her respect her. The students ask her how can she write a referral on them when they are misbehaving and keep smiling. They appreciate her because she never judges them and every day is a fresh start. Mrs. Perez has a lot of ‘heart’ for everyone, especially the students that come in our classroom.”


Nominee: Roberta “Bobbie” Francis, bus driver

Nominated by: Misty Cavalin, Transportation

"Bobbie is here from sun up to sun down. She is always around to lend a helping hand. She is always ready to jump on a bus if there is a last minute trip that needs to be fulfilled. She is funny and always puts a smile on our faces. She can also be stern when it comes to the rules of the road and the safety of her students that she transports. She is a great person, great employee, and a terrific bus driver!!!”