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BCISD announces new season ticket process

BCISD announces new football season ticket process

Bay City ISD is proud to announce that the 2019-2020 football season will be played at the new Memorial Stadium located at Bay City High School, 400 7th Street! This upcoming season, BCISD will employ a new process for ticket renewal. Please read the following for important information on the new process.

This upcoming season, BCISD will employ a new process for ticket renewal. Please read the following for important information on the new process.

 BCISD Loyalty System Process: In April of 2019, the district Season Ticket Committee, comprised of members nominated by Bay City ISD board members, convened to design a process that would provide a fair and transparent method for determining season ticket sales. In the past, BCISD would allow those who owned season tickets the chance to renew their tickets every year. However, our new stadium will have a vertical seating layout making it impossible to do a like-for-like exchange of seating. Like many other school stadia, the committee wanted to allow for season ticket renewals and to recognize those who have been loyal to the Blackcat Football Family throughout the years. Community support for our athletics program is essential, and it is greatly appreciated by our teachers, staff, and students. Please read below for the eligibility process designed by the committee. It is our hope that we have found a way to maintain fair and equitable renewal of season tickets, while honoring those who have supported the program. 

  • In May, those who had season tickets during the last 18-19 season will come to the BCISD Administration Building to reservetheir seats in the new stadium. Once tickets are ordered and designed, those members will be invited to return to purchase their tickets.
  • In order to be eligible to reserve seating assignments you musthave purchased season tickets for the last 18-19 football season.
  • You may only reserve the number equal to or less thanthe number of seats you had purchased during the 18-19 football season. If you choose to reserve fewer seats than you had purchased, they will be sold to the general public.
  • Any additional seats will need to be purchased once sales are open to the general public.
  • You may nottransfer or trade any of your seat reservations to another person or party. However, you may designate a proxy to represent you in the seat selection process.
  • You can only be a proxy for oneperson. However, if you are a loyalty season ticket holder, you can buy tickets for yourself and serve as a proxy for one other person.
  • You will be given priority based on the number of seasons you have had season tickets dating back to the 2010-2011 season. This is the limit of district sales records.
  • Using district records, you will be assigned to a group (Group 1 to Group 5), where Group 1 will comprise of season ticket holders with the oldest record of owning season tickets.
  • If you, or your proxy, miss the designated dates for your Group Number, your tickets will be sold to the general public.


If you are eligible for seat reservations, then you will be receiving a letter with more details. All others wanting to purchase tickets for the next football season can do so during the sale to the General Public beginning  August 20th.


Season Ticket Committee Members included: Josh Solis, Richard Johnson, Dick Walton, Lynn Grebe, Blayne Finlay, Rodney Mitchell, and Chivas Wilcox.