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Gardner named "You've got Heart" employee of the month of May

photo of Patty Gardner

BCISD announces May employee of the month

Patricia Gardner, Holmes Elementary teacher, has been named as  the Bay City ISD “You’ve got Heart” honoree for May. This employee recognition award is given to staff who go beyond their “job description” in helping students and staff, who epitomize the concept “team player,” and who put others first. BCISD staff submit nominations.

Gardner was nominated by Traci Richards, who wrote: “Patricia took on helping another teacher’s class when that teacher unexpectedly retired earlier this year. Patricia took on this class as her own even while she was already head of all of first grade. She continued to work her morning duty and the retired teacher’s as well, even though she was not required to do so. Patricia continued to ask the rest of us if we needed help with anything and also gave our team so many ideas for lesson plans. She is also great with computers and always guided us to help us learn. But the top reason I am nominating her is because she is always about the kids and the welfare of the school.”

Gardner’s name was selected from all nominations received, and she was awarded a dining gift certificate and the traveling trophy, donated by Ad Vantage Specialties. BCISD appreciates the hard work and dedication of great people like Patricia Gardner.


Other Nominees:

Nominee: Tom Rabum, Cherry
Nominated by: Caitlin Hordge
“Mr. Rabun has both heart and dedication when it comes to his job. He has no limitations to the call of duty and will go to whatever extreme necessary to make sure each student and staff member has a great day and is taken care of. He motivates students from morning to afternoon and is available whenever someone is in need without hesitation.”


Nominee: Tara Hernandez, Holmes
Nominated by: Nancy Shelton

“She goes above and beyond for everything -- daily affirmations, consistently encouraging others and always a smile on her face.”


Nominee: Narci Rodriguez & Felicia Garay, BCJH
Nominated by: Tommy Reynolds

“Recently the Spanish department assigned students to create a ‘shoebox refrigerator’ and write sentences to describe foods that were to be inside. Mrs Rodriguez and Mrs. Garay took time to assist several students with these projects, staying after school and even enlisting Mrs. Rodriguez' husband to make shelves and door handles for realism. 
Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Garay exemplify just how special our Paraprofessionals are to our District. Both should be recognized for their efforts.”


Nominee: Kacie McKissick, Cherry

Nominated by: Crystal Vela

“This person goes above and beyond her job duties and works extra hard in everything she does.”


Nominee: Dr. Krystal Christenson, BCJH

Nominated by: Isabell Flores

“She always goes above and beyond on the campus....When have needed stability she is always the one we turn to.”


Nominee: Magda Mirelez, BCHS
Nominated by: Brittainy Hodges

“Besides being a mentor to me from the time I was her student, Mrs. Mirelez provides support to staff and students at BCHS and across the district. Through her efforts, all end-of-year programs, concerts, and awards ceremonies are facilitated in the theatre. Mrs. Mirelez actively engages her students to be aware of their impact on school culture and climate, and relentlessly encourages all students to achieve their potential.”


Nominee: Sawndra Worrell, BCJH
Nominated by: Neva Smith

“Recently the art students went on a field trip to the museum in Sugarland. I was lucky enough to be a chaperone. There was one child that lost her $5 spending money from home. Ms. Worrell selflessly gave $5 of her own money, replacing the child's money. This is just one example of Mrs. Worrell time and time again giving of herself, without hesitation, to students throughout the year.”


Nominee: Deborah Perez, BCJH
Nominated by: Jerri Freshour

“Mrs. Perez is a remarkable lady. She has a tough position as an assistant teacher in DAE; however, she never falters and she never lets the job get to her. She is always smiling even though this past month has been very rough as she was in a car wreck which resulted in mild whiplash and she lost her uncle to illness. Through all of that she continues to go out of her way to help everyone and is always smiling. She is always positive and is a wonderful influence for the students in DAEP. She works very hard and has the students', and adults that work with her, respect. The students ask her how can she write a referral on them when they are misbehaving, and keep smiling. They appreciate her because she never judges them and every day is a fresh start. Mrs. Perez has a lot of ‘heart’ for everyone, especially the students that come in our classroom.”


Nominee: Sheena Arocho, Holmes

Nominated by: Jonathan Armstrong

“This person has gone above and beyond in providing support to the rest of the campus. She's helped plan activities, helped monitor off-campus trips, and is currently in a leadership role for the Lion King production despite an already full plate of her own work. I can't think of a better recipient.”


Nominee: Chris Cunningham, Police Dept

Nominated by: LaWanda Hines

“There was a student sitting outside the Administration Building after school. The student had been sitting out there way past the school let-out time. I am assuming that he was waiting on a ride and no one had come to pick him up. Officer Cunningham was leaving the BCHS campus for the end of the day and noticed the student sitting on the sidewalk. He rolled down his window & began talking to the student, staying to make sure he had a ride. Thank you Officer Cunningham for going the extra mile and making sure BCISD students are safe.”


Nominee: LaWanda Hines, HR Dept

Nominated by: Linda Estrada

“LaWanda is such a great person to work with. She is always ready to help. I will be with the district a year in August and since I have started she has always been there to help me if I have any questions and she does it with a smile. I feel like she goes above and beyond to help and is always in a great mood!”


Nominee: Veronica Ordonez, BCJH

Nominated by: Charlie Clark

“She is always doing what she can for our students, making sure they have what they need for the day & taking care of them even when it gets tough. She is such a gentle spirit and I can tell she looks after all the students as if they are her own children and in a sense they are. She's loyal, hardworking, and gets the job done every day! This entire school year she has only missed one day for jury duty and that's it. She loves her job and loves taking care of the children! Love ya Ms.O!!!”


Nominee:  Robert Trevino, Maintenance Dept

Nominated by: Linda Popek

“I would like to nominate Robert Trevino for the "You've Got Heart". Among Robert’s many duties at the Maintenance Department is moving newly arrived textbooks to the campuses. This year as we are preparing for the big move of campuses, some textbooks have been moved and shipped out to make room for the move. In this process, as I needed assistance moving boxes, he continuously helped me. He can be in the middle of another job, and will finish up that job, to come assist me with the boxes. Robert constantly has a smile on his face while doing his job and continues to show how big of a heart he has in helping others.”


Nominee: Rilea Sanders, BCHS

Nominated by: Jessie Deleza

“Rilea has stepped in and taught an Algebra 1 class that needed a teacher for much of the school year although she was originally hired as an inclusion aide. Not only has she taught the class but also performed all the teacher responsibilities of having a class. She prepares lessons, grades papers, calls parents, and does after-school tutorials with her students. She has been a great asset to the math department and I really have appreciated her help.”


Nominee:  Custodial Staff at Roberts

Nominated by: Carla Davis

“Well, I thought long and hard about this; and there's only one conclusion that may, or may not be acceptable. I'm nominating the WHOLE Custodial Staff at Linnie Roberts Elementary, because I feel they ALL go above and beyond the call of duty! Ms. Mary & Mrs. Nancy for example have always stepped in to relieve teachers (especially, me) to run to take a quick restroom break, when there is no one else in the classroom to cover! They both have stepped up to the plate to help with the students, if there is a shortage of staff members on duty, and they have loved on students by just taking time to talk to them and give them a friendly smile and a hug! The best part is that they have all made it their business to help keep our campus as well as members of the staff safe, clean, and happy! Thank You! : )”