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Traffic & Parking at Memorial Stadium on Nichols

Football Game Advisory, including Traffic & Parking notes for Blackcat Football Games at Memorial Stadium on Nichols from the Bay City ISD Police Department:

There will be no tailgating passes issued at this time due to construction, limited parking, and impeded traffic flow in the vicinity of Memorial Stadium on Nichols.

Guests will be wanded with metal detectors upon entrance into the stadium.

- North Sycamore to be barricaded leaving the South Bound lane open for emergency vehicles

- Barricading 12th Street & 13th Street, No through traffic to Sycamore

- Barricades at 11th Street and Sycamore, No traffic to travel East to Nichols. All Visitors will park West and exit South onto Sycamore

- 11th Street at Bus Loop, will be for visitor buses only

- Home side parking by Field House; Blackcat buses will park by Field House facing East towards Nichols.

- Visitors, Handicap, and Staff will park in home side parking lot facing the same direction, East towards Nichols

- Patrons will still be able to utilize the parking lot by the public pool at Sycamore & Carey Smith Boulevard, the Church Of Christ lot at Nichols & Carey Smith Blvd, The Bay City Tribune lot on Carey Smith Blvd, and the parking lot between the tennis courts & BCJH Keye Ingram Auditorium off Sycamore.