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Hines named BCISD "you've got heart" honoree for October

photo of Lawanda HInes and peers

From left: Administration Building employees Anna Korenek, Sandra Wacker, October employee of the month LaWanda Hines, and Laura Martinez.


Congratulations to LaWanda Hines, HR Clerk, for being selected as the October Bay City ISD “You’ve got heart” honor. This employee recognition award is given to staff who go beyond their “job description” in helping students and staff, who epitomize the concept “team player,” and who put others first. BCISD staff submit nominations.


Hines was nominated by Sandra Wacker, who wrote: “LaWanda is always ready and willing to help even though she is busy with her own job duties. This year, I was asked by my supervisor to set up meeting times on each campus to help employees complete their online insurance enrollment. I asked LaWanda if she could help me on those days. Without hesitating, she agreed even though she was busy with new hires. Not only has she helped me, she is always helping any coworker who needs assistance. Thank you LaWanda for going above and beyond to help other coworkers out!”


Hines’s name was selected from all nominations received, and she was awarded a dining gift certificate and the traveling trophy, donated by Ad Vantage Specialties. BCISD appreciates the hard work and dedication of great people like LaWanda Hines.


Other nominees:


Nominee: Jill Lowry, BCHS
Nominated by: Estela Reyes

“Mrs. Lowry goes out of her way to make sure the teachers in her department are supported as they are trying different instructional strategies in her class. She takes time to visit their classes. She knows when the students in her class are working in labs and the skills that the teachers in her department are teaching.”


Nominee: Homero Vasquez, Custodian BCJH
Nominated by: Felicia Garay
“Mr. Vasquez is a very hard worker and always is going above and beyond. He is always willing to help whenever and wherever needed and never complains. He always has a smile on his face.”


Nominee: Tyler Mesecke, Tenie Holmes
Nominated by: Ronda Espinosa

“Ms. Mesecke is an amazing teacher who truly cares about her students. She is constantly looking for ways to help her students grow and succeed both in life and her classroom. She is always willing to ask questions and seek advice from those around her! She is exactly the kind of teacher our students need here at THE! I am honored to work with her and tackle our first year of teaching together. Way to go!”


Nominee: Todd Oncken, BCHS
Nominated by: Magda Mirelez
“Todd truly defines going above and beyond for school and community. He makes it a point to visit with teachers and check-in to see if they need anything. He works all the Theatre events for multiple organizations on campus and most recently for the Lions Club Rice Festival Queens pageant. This summer Todd spent a month helping direct Lion King Jr which involved 100 children and adults from around Matagorda County. Moreover, Todd truly elevates our discussions about meaningful student issues by asking probing questions and engaging in meaningful discussion. I appreciate Todd and all he does for our school and community.”


Nominee: Elvira Frausto, Holmes Elementary
Nominated by: Sheena Arocho
“Before school even started, Maggie was thinking of ways to help lead her team towards success. Whether it has been through snacks, meals, mentoring, or a sounding board, Maggie has gone above and beyond her role as team lead. She has made so many documents to guide them through schedules and the curriculum as well as provided ideas and materials for epic learning experiences. I mean she literally found enough boxes for ALL of 4TH GRADE to do a meaningful, engaging Texas landscape project. She cares for all she works with; both kids AND teacher AND para. I have never met such a hard working teacher that goes above and beyond for her kids and team.”


Nominee: Ty Janik, Holmes Elementary
Nominated by: Linda Estrada

“Mr. Janik is my son's third grade teacher. He is so helpful to the students going above and beyond to get on their level. Every day he has a new and exciting story for them --my son can't wait to go to school the next day to hear what Mr. Janik has for them. He has made the transition from changing schools so much easier. I believe that every student should feel excited to go to school and I truly believe the students in his class feel that way every day. Keep up the great work Mr Janik!”


Nominee: Deborah Perez

Nominated by: Jerri Freshour

“Mrs. Perez genuinely cares for our students who come to DAEP. She is dedicated to making sure while our students are with us that they receive the best education possible so they don't fall behind in their courses. She is literally my right hand and I could not effectively do my job without her. She does not judge the students for being in a discipline school -- she treats every student as if they were her own. She is the first person to volunteer if someone needs help. She has the true heart of an educator.”


Nominee: John O’Neal

Nominated by: Jeri Feshour
“Mr. O'Neal is a positive role model for our students in DAEP. He is dedicated to the education of all the students that come to DAEP. He works very hard, especially in math, making sure our students do not fall behind in their classes. Mr. O'Neal is a hard worker and is truly an asset to my class. He treats every student with love when they come into our class.”