Introducing the Blackcat Blog

Posted by Grant McGalliard on 8/27/2021 9:30:00 AM

Hello! My name is Grant McGalliard, and I’m the Chief Communications Officer for Bay City ISD. I want to welcome you to the first edition of the Blackcat Blog.

As part of our comprehensive communication plan, developed in tandem with the wonderful folks at Burnam | Gray, we’re rolling out a district-wide weekly blog to keep our parents and our community up to date on all the amazing things going on in Bay City ISD. You can expect this blog to be released once a week, typically on Fridays (although you never know when a surprise edition will drop). 

And luckily for everyone, I won’t be the one doing all the writing. 

This blog will be written by teachers, principals, support staff, and students at all of our campuses. Each week, we’ll have a different guest writer taking us inside their campuses, writing about what they’re excited about, what they’ve accomplished, and any behind-the-scenes happenings you may find interesting. 

With so much going on at our five campuses, sometimes it’s easy to miss hearing about the successes that happen each and every day. When our youngest students at Cherry Elementary are immersed in the new Fueling Brains “Ready Set Grow!” program, that’s a success. When Principal Wendel and her amazing staff at Linnie Roberts are able to enjoy their brand new, state of the art campus, that’s a success. At Tenie Holmes, where teachers and students are adopting the “WIN” mindset? You guessed it -- success. 

Over at Bay City Junior High, our students have the great opportunity to earn hours and hours of high school credit to prepare themselves for the next level. They’re also able to enter career and technical programs with experience through classes that teach basic principles.

And at the High School, dozens of students are in our Early College High School cohorts, and can graduate with a complete associates’ degree. Our Blackcat and Ladycat athletic teams are preparing for more successful seasons, and our fine arts programs are better than ever. BCHS is producing students that graduate as productive leaders of our communities.

If there’s a topic or a story you think we should highlight on the Blackcat Blog, please let us know. You can do so by emailing

This year, BCISD is more united than perhaps ever before. Thanks to the work done largely by our teachers and campus leaders, there’s an atmosphere of support and trust everywhere you go. We’re excited to tell our stories together, too -- because success at any campus is success for all of us.

So stick around, and be sure to catch next week’s edition of the Blackcat Blog!